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Image Resume Style 28 Free Resume Creator

image Image Resume Style 28 can be very effective at displaying your image if you are in a visual industry such as a graphic artist, entertainer or model. You will have the opportunity to show a little sample of your work right on your resume. The image that you use can be your photo, a piece of artwork you created or a logo. Other than making it the proper size to fit within the allotted space you aren't limited to what the subject matter can be other than to make sure it is professional and appropriate for your line of work.

Image Resume Style 28

This template has a modern layout with everything being presented in a very obvious way so all aspects are noticed when the page is read. The focus that the centered image creates pulls you in to begin reading. Then, while moving down the page you notice the attractive lines that frame the section names on the top and bottom in the color of your choosing.

The enlarged font used for your name and the section names makes it readily apparent where each bit of information is located. The reader can then jump to that section if need be to find the specific info they want.

The expanded nature of this template that results from the lines can help to pad your resume if need be. You may be early on in your career without much to write about, you won't want it to look empty making you look unqualified from a lack of training or experience. Because the design is expanded the main sections will be farther apart taking up more space and looking more filled.

If you would like to use this template you can either download the .doc Word document and edit it yourself with your own word processor or use style 4 with our online creator. Look at the top, right of the page to use the link for the creator.

Please Read: In our creator programs all styles support the use of an image making this one redundant, it has been replaced by style 4.
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image resume style 28