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Resume Example Style 9 Word Template

resume style 9 A modern Resume Example Style 9 Word Template that separates each section with a colored border. Your job skills can now all be neatly arranged for quick reading. This template differs from our others by completely encapsulating the sections and all the information contained within them.

Resume Example Style 9

With everything being placed inside of descriptive areas your job and school listings will be easier to find because they will all be located in one place. The same is true for the other information you enter on your resume, a quick visual scan down the page puts each part well into the foreground.

The border consists of a thin pinstripe on the top, right and bottom sides. The left side border is much wider creating a pleasing starting point from which to begin reading. The color you choose can be construed as reflecting your personality so don't pick crazy, off-beat colors. Choose a calm, professional color like a black, blue, green or gray.

Since there are many bordered areas on this template it creates the effect of having content on the resume without even adding any of your own info. This isn't to say it looks cluttered because in our opinion it doesn't, but if you don't have much to write you could try this template to see how it looks with your info in it. If you don't like it for whatever reason we have many more.

If you want to use this template you can either download the .doc word document and edit it with your own word processor or use it with our online creator. The link to our creator is at the top, right side of this webpage.

Please Read: If you are using the creator and you arrived here from the "Style" page, and you want to use this style, then go back and continue using the program.
resume style 9