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New Resume Example Style 19

new style 19 New Resume Example Style 19 displays each heading with a nice background that separates each section. This enables the reader to jump to each section allowing them to quickly find your best attributes. This is your mission when writing your resume, to enable the reader to get your most valuable information from the page before they give up when reading it. Yes, we used the words “give up.” People in HR departments read so many resumes that they are known to rarely give them more than a quick glance.

New Resume Example Style 19

A resume template such as this one may work to improve the information uptake by the reader. The colored backgrounds and lines create interest and in doing so may entice the reader to view more of the resume if for no other reason than to see what the design looks like. The benefit of this is that they may also notice some pertinent details about you that they have been searching for causing them to look into your details more deeply. Any advantage we can use to help ourselves get hired should be used. If you don't use an opportunity someone else will and maybe take the job too.

This style 19 template also tends to more widely distribute your information on the page so this can benefit you if you need to avoid the look of a bare page.

Changing your layout can breathe new life into an old, tired design. Watch our Resume Style video or see our Resume Template Tutorial to obtain info about how your choices can affect the way your info is displayed. If you want to use this template you can either download the .doc Word document and edit it on your own with a word processor or use it with our online creator. See the top, right menu to choose which creator you need to use.

TIP: If you arrived here from our creator's “Style” page, and you want to use this style, then go back and continue using the program.
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new resume style 19