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Resume Example Style 2

free resume online style 2 Resume Example Style 2 is more spacious in its design giving the appearance of more content on your resume. This works out well for those of us who have a short work or school history. Having your details situated, so they are bit more spread out offers the advantage of a page that doesn't look too empty with a generous amount of white space.

Resume Example Style 2

Someone who is new to the workforce or doesn't have much education may find that this resume style offers the appearance of a fuller resume. To add to the fullness, you can add any volunteer work you have done or even an internship. If you have received awards or certificates, they can also be added to build a stronger portfolio.

If you want to use this template, you can either download the .doc Word document and edit it yourself with your word processor or edit it with help by using our online creator. If you find that you are having trouble writing or you would like a program to show you what to do, you are welcome to use our creator program. Please find the link in our menu on the top right of this page; this will take you through a guided creation process.

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resume style 2