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Resume Example Style 16 Lines Template

free resume online style 16 Resume Example Style 16 is great if you want a resume template that incorporates lines in its design, there are colored lines to emphasize the important areas of the document. Pick tasteful colors for your lines and fonts, the intention is to be professional and classy, not immature and amateurish. This can be easily done if you think carefully about your choices.

Resume Example Style 16 for Free Resume Creator Online

Your name is the largest item on the page it is accentuated by lines above and below. These lines draw the eyes to your name, then they can make their way down the page to see what else you have to offer. The sections have lines above the headings which in a way separates each section very clearly so there is no question which section is which.

The headings have a larger, bold faced font which can be changed, the remaining content is a normal smaller font which allows the headings to be intensified. The headings, the company info, the school info and the details for each of them are aligned to the left. The degree titles and job titles are bold and centered on their own lines. The dates are aligned to the right to quickly verify that you are dependable with a good work ethic.

If you want to use this template you can either download the .doc file Word document and edit it with your own word processor or use it with our online creator to create it for free and post it in our directory if you like. This template is already built-in to the creator and you can migrate it to our other programs. The site navigation above on the right will take you to it. You will also be able to swap different templates in and out to see which you really like best.

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