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Resume Example Style 4

free resume online style 4 Resume Example Style 4 is a more compact style in that it has the name of the company, the address, your position title and your employment dates all on one line. The same is true for your schools. You also enter the school's name, the address, your degree, and the dates you attended all on one line. These features lend themselves to a compact design that can be very helpful when you have many jobs and schools to list.

Resume Example Style 4

Making your resume as short as possible while ensuring that it still contains all of your pertinent facts is the mission. This template can be the one that helps you reach that end.

The lines can be set to a different color than the text to make them stand out and bring attention to your assets. Try a tasteful color that isn't too distracting to maintain the formality of the document.

Our Free Resume Creator has this template built-in so you can use it there or you can download it here and use it in a stand-alone fashion. Of course, you are not alone since we offer all of our helpful career resources that range from our resume template tutorial to our writing tutorials. If you do find yourself in a position where you start writing it yourself, and you can't finish it, you can always use our free creator and utilize the helpful tips it provides.

If you want to use this template, you can either download the .doc Word document and edit it yourself with your word processor or edit it with help by using our online creator.

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resume style 4