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Hot Jobs for You

hot jobs interview tips Here's how to write your resume to get the hot jobs you have been looking for. We also have many suggestions and interview tips that may help you get the position you have been waiting for. In any economy we can use all the help we can get. With jobs being scarce and the hot jobs being even fewer and farther between, a well written resume and cover letter can make you stand out from the rest.

Get Yourself Some Hot Jobs

Resumizer provides a suite of resume creation tools to help you travel your path to a great career. We enable you to write your resume, cover letter, reference page, networking business cards and interview thank you letters all for free. You don't even have to join to do it. If you do decide to join as a member you will be able to use our free resume management system including posting your resume in our directory. You are also welcome to browse our jobs directory, which is also free with no information held back.

All of our resources are available for you to use, please visit our help and tutorial pages along with our online resume management tools.
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Help and Tips to Get the Hot Jobs

How to Think
  • You are essentially marketing yourself as a product to an employer. It would be helpful for you to think of it this way because that is how it is.
  • Everything you do and say will be assessed and compared against the other applicants. That is how the employer will “thin the herd” of applicants to find the most competent, cost effective person.
  • It is simply a matter of buying the best product at the lowest cost, the product being the services you provide. We all do the same thing when we shop, which is what the employer is doing, except they are shopping to hire a person who can fulfill the needs of the company. Just as they perform a function to fulfill the need of hiring someone like you.

Your Resume
  • Don't use contractions like “don't,” instead use “do not.”
  • Nothing shows a person's lack of education like poor sentence structure. Of course well written sentences that use proper grammar are always mandatory.
  • Make your accomplishments sound more important and impressive by using action verbs instead of mundane words.
  • Organize your information using proper resume formatting our creator does this for you.
  • Use high quality paper on which you print using contrasting colors with easy to read fonts.
  • When submitting an electronic resume to an employer's online application system you will use choices similar those used to print a paper copy. Using a style that has a clean layout with clearly defined sections and plenty of white space makes an easy to read document for both paper and electronic copies.
  • It is more professional looking to use a matching resume, cover letter and reference page all using the same style, fonts and colors.
  • Don't add your contacts for your references here. Don't make it too long have it long enough to say what you need to say, but short enough that the reader doesn't get bored before they reach the end.

Interview Tips
  • Be sure to dress in appropriate, professional looking attire.
  • When speaking to the interviewer and answering questions speak clearly and with confidence. Even if you don't feel confident in yourself never convey that to the interviewer. Look the interviewer in the eye with confidence. Don't display nervous body movements it is very telling of a lack of confidence.
  • When answering your questions try not to have long pauses, but do think about what you will say before you say it. A person well versed in their field would have an easy time with the answers.
  • Also, try to tailor the answers to apply to the position you are interviewing for.
  • Use terminology that is used in your work environment properly understanding what the words mean and how to correctly use them. This will reinforce the impression that you are well-educated.

Additional Help
  • Always send a thank you letter to the interviewer within 24 hours of the interview to show respect and proper etiquette.
  • If you find yourself at a party or social function and the situation arises you can hand out networking business cards to increase your exposure to employers.
  • Posting a resume online can be used to give yourself another avenue to market your skills.
  • Hopefully these interview tips will be of some help to you.
  • There are plenty of other resources here at Resumizer that should be able to answer most of the questions you will have. They aren't only in article form we have videos and tutorials talking about career advancement too which applies to this topic. While you are getting some hot jobs you can also learn more about us if you have the interest.